High Voltage proud to sponsor the Jingle Bell Run/Walk

This past weekend High Voltage Staffing was proud to be a sponsor for the Arthritis Foundation’s 2011 Jingle Bell Run/Walk.

We joined “Allie’s Christmas Cookies” team and kicked off the holiday season by tying bells to our shoes and participating in the Arthritis Foundation’s annual Jingle Bell Walk/Run. Allie’s Christmas Cookies was the second highest fundraising team for the event!

This fun event was held on Saturday, December 17, 2011 in Baldwin Park. Over 900 people participated and over $50,000 was raised through donations and registration fees.

Arthritis affects more than 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children, and is the leading cause of disability. The Arthritis Foundation Florida Chapter provides education, pursues public policy and legislation, and conducts programs to improve the quality of life for those living with arthritis. Learn more about the great things the Arthritis Foundation does by clicking this link: http://www.arthritis.org/chapters/florida/.

It was a fun day and we cannot wait till next year!


How to handle the Education section of your resume

Make your resume shine – Writing the education section of your resume

When writing a resume, people often wonder just how to handle the education section. Should education go before the work history section or afterwards? Should a GPA be included? What about internships?

These are just some of the questions that people have.  The education section of your resume should be straightforward and easy to understand.

Here are some of our best tips and tricks to make sure that the education section of your resume really shines.

  • If you are less than 5 years out of college, list your education before your job history. If you are more than 5 years out of school list your education after your work history.
  • For each school, you should list the name of the school and its location by city and state. Include the country if outside the United States.
  • You should also include the degree level and type (e.g. Master in Science, PhD in Psychology, or Bachelor of Fine Arts), major or concentration, and the date of degree completion.
  • List your most recent degree first.
  • If you are still enrolled in college, list it but make sure to include the date of graduation and the degree expected. Example: Bachelor of Science, expected graduation May 2013 or Bachelor of Science, May 2013 (anticipated)
  • It is a good idea to list you GPA on your resume, but only if it is a 3.0 or higher. The GPA is an indicator of your performance during college. So pick your overall GPA or major GPA, whichever is higher.
  • Include academic honors, awards, scholarships, or any other scholastic accomplishments during college.
  • Internship or co-op experience can also be listed in the education section of your resume. Alternatively, you may choose to list them in the work experience section of your resume if you have no significant professional experience.
  • Campus activities, Honor societies or organizations should also be listed in this section. Include any leadership roles that you held.
  • Newer graduates can choose to list some courses from college, but make sure that any courses you include are relevant to your job search.

How to wow employers at a job fair!

Over the past few weeks we have attending several jobs fairs. It was remarkable how some candidates were well prepared while others seemed to have floated in with little to no preparation. Here are some of our tops tips for attending a job fair!

  • Do some research in advance about the companies that will be attending the job fair. Most job fairs will provide a list of the companies that are registered. Take a look at the websites for the companies and get a feel for what types of openings they have. Start making a list of the jobs and companies that interest you the most.
  • Take the time and put together a basic resume that highlights your skills, employment background and education.
  • Make sure that your resume has updated contact information. Provide employers with a few ways to reach you – email and phone number are a must. I also like when people put their LinkedIn profile on their resumes.
  • Proofread your resume a few times. Ask someone else to take a look at it as well. Sometimes people miss errors in something that they have written themselves.
  • Bring plenty of resumes. Many employers will instruct you to go online and submit a resume, but many will still want to see a paper resume. If your resume is more than a page long, staple it or paperclip it together. Put your resumes in a folder.
  • Bring a pen and second folder for any flyers and business cards you will get from the employers.
  • Dress professionally. At minimum, a shirt and tie for men. Women should wear a dress or a blouse with slack or a skirt. First impressions really do count.
  • Remember that list you made of the companies you were most interested in? Take that list with you. When you arrive at the job fair target those employers first.  Take time to talk to all the employers at the job fair though. You never know where a meeting can lead.
  • Put on a smile and portray confidence. Practice a 30 – 60 second “elevator pitch” that highlights your achievements and career ambitions.
  • Ask for the next step in the interview process. Don’t forget to take a business card so that you can follow-up with the employer after the job fair.

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